No-Fluff Reviews

Scroll down and read what patients and industry professionals have said, then decide for yourself if you want to trust Barb with your care.

9 responses to “No-Fluff Reviews

  • Elaine Cornick

    Almost 3 years ago I was tentatively, and very reluctantly, exploring getting a hearing aid. After a very unsatisfying experience with one company, fortunately I found Barb. Her thorough, grounded expertise combined with her real caring and skill in listening to me and explaining what I needed/wanted to know are superior. Even more, she treats me as a respected and equal collaborator in coming up with what’s working or not for me. I know she absolutely loves her work and her clients, and that makes all the difference!

    Just recently my hearing aids were starting to act undependable. Barb intentionally has 3-year warranties on her hearing aids, so she replaced mine with temporary “loaners”, sent mine to the factory to be refurbished, and just a week later I had mine back, essentially brand new. That was one of the most remarkably-wonderful customer service experiences I’ve ever had anywhere. She wouldn’t have had to do it that way, but it’s the quality and integrity with which she does her work. I have felt so assured and confident with Barb on my side in this whole issue of hearing and aids, and I’m very grateful she’s here, doing her work the way she does it!

  • Steve Cates

    I want to thank you for your time today and the excellent service you performed. I’ve never received such great service before. What a delightful and educational experience.

    Thank you again.

  • Hugh Bacon

    Welcome back Barb. I have missed you and am glad that you once again are taking good care of my hearing needs. I have seen several other audiologists but you are the best by far. I originally came to you because I misunderstood a friend when he said “I have been seeing a girl” and I heard “I have been s—-ing a girl” We had a dispute and I learned that my hearing needed help. Since my doctor recommended you, and I accepted his advice, I have not had a similar problem. Thanks for saving a friendship. My wife also appreciated that I could understand her better. Thanks.

  • Ken Clarke

    For a number of years now, I have had the benefit of Barb Street’s help in improving my hearing deficit. I came to her from my primary physician’s recommendation. She was kind and considerate of my needs. She has helped me on a continuing basis to improve my hearing and to advise me on hearing devices as they have changed over the years. Although hearing aids don’t give me normal hearing, they have greatly increased my ability to understand what people are saying.

  • Susan Vaughn

    A few years ago, I realized that it was me, me and my hearing; the whole world really wasn’t mumbling. Letting go of my denial was difficult, my hearing loss was gradual and it was hard to realize that I didn’t have a basis for comparison. I couldn’t go back to perfect hearing and remember what it was like to hear normally.
    Lucky for me, I already knew Barb as a friend, but five years ago I also needed her as my audiologist. Well, long story short…we’ve been meeting ever since. Finding the right hearing aids is a challenge and I know I’m not the easiest client. I’m sensitive, inquisitive and picky. With Barb, I don’t feel awkward asking questions or pressured to hurry. I want to hear as well as possible and I want the best. For me, not hearing well is scary and frustrating. Sounds that I have taken for granted no longer act as sign posts in my life and, without hearing aids, lip reading has become an unspoken necessity. Eating in restaurants isn’t enjoyable, because I can’t make out words over the background din. Hearing conversations in the car over road noise is nearly impossible. Movies and television are garble and the volume knob can’t compensate for not being able to discriminate pronunciation.

    Barb’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable in exploring the options available to me. It isn’t a one size fits all business. Barb’s ability to be patient, to educate and to analyze my hearing experience through comprehensive tests and the exploration of several different hearing aids has made an incredible difference in my life. I have been able to “test drive” and to find the best fit for me. Appropriate to my loss, accurately adjusted and well-maintained hearing aids are positively life changing. The previously mentioned road blocks to hearing effectively have all but disappeared. Barb’s new approach with “Concierge Service” doesn’t leave me wondering what is included in my purchase. “Concierge Service” assures me of the ongoing attention that I want and need.

  • M Russell

    Barb Street was recommended to me by my Medical Dr and I must say after my first visit I was impressed with her many years of experience in the field of hearing disabilities and hearing aid technologies. She explained to my wife and I that hearing lose can cause people to withdraw from conversations and become left out of life’s many hearing pleasures and that fit my description to a ‘T’. My wife and my friends were becoming more and more frustrated in having to repeat them selves every time they spoke to me. I found her very easy to work with and talk to she has the knowledge to fit the right hearing aid with any hearing disability.
    After having my new Epoq hearing aids they have opened up a whole new world of sounds that I have not herd in several years. They have help my relationship with my wife and friends ten fold. I now find my self asking my wife to lower her volume when she speaks to me and I no longer feel the need to have the TV so loud that my neighbors can here it. Barb Street has been and will continue to be a close partner in my hearing ability and long term follow ups she has the knowledge, patients and understanding to help any one in their desire to hear better I highly recommend her.
    M. Russell

  • Zee M.

    I’m so glad Barb is back!!!! She is so knowledgeable about hearing aids and problems of the hard of hearing. She is so patient, kind and understanding with her clients. I think she is the best.

  • Jim G

    Barb Street is perfection in her profession. She knows the products completely- what they can or cannot do. She communicates effectively with her patients, and listens and responds to their needs and concerns. She is readily available to provide careful follow up consultation. Her products are of the highest quality and latest design at very reasonable prices.

    [Editor’s Note: In fairness, it should be mentioned that Jim G is Barb’s father. He is also a retired judge, a patient, and is very proud of his daughter. /gst]

  • Bob Janssen

    I was very pleased to hear that Barb had reentered the local audiology scene with the inception of Barika Audiology. Having been a patient of hers before I knew the level of caring and concern she has for her patients and was eager to be a part of her clientele again. Her new business model provides access to Barb’s strengths, which are providing a high level of on-going service to those of us wearing hearing aids. The feeling of being with someone who actually cares for you is worth a lot. Barb does just that. She provides you with a great product and wonderful, long term service.

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