Concierge Audiology

Note: Barb has moved her office. The new address is:

1875 Hwy 99N Suite 5, Ashland, Oregon

Some of you may recognize this address. Indeed, it is the same location as when Barb owned Imaginears, between Butler Ford/Acura and Ashland Motors, in the building closest to Hwy 99.

Same office as before with a better, more patient-friendly layout. Enter through Door A, which is located at the North end of the building. Suite 5 will be the fourth door on your left.


Have you ever stayed in a fine hotel, and noticed the concierge at their desk? Truth is, for the longest time I didn’t talk with them. I thought they were maybe too fancy for a small town girl like me. But after a while, I dared to talk with them and was pleasantly surprised by how their service changed my trip from good into something very special.  As I continued to rely on them, they became much more. They became my trusted guides.

Why don’t audiology offices have a concierge? Someone whose sole purpose is to be a trusted guide.

BA-fit-station 002Imagine if you could get concierge-like dedication that helps you through the journey of learning about hearing? They would provide full attention to your desires (bordering on pampering), guaranteed availability for appointments, ample time to discuss your questions, and dedication to getting the best solution to your hearing needs no matter how long it takes. No pressure. Just good old-fashioned service with your best interests in mind.

It’s here. It’s called “Concierge Audiology”.

BA-conference area 006If one day you should ever need hearing aids, this extra service becomes even more critical. How do I know? The answer is that years ago, I conducted a study to check hearing aid performance over time. I discovered that when aids were cleaned and serviced twice as often as the traditional approach, they worked better. If I really customized a schedule to your specific needs, then the hearing aids stayed at peak performance and lasted about two years longer. When it comes to such a major investment, that difference is a big deal for you. But “Concierge Audiology” service doesn’t stop there.  Beyond the extra aid cleaning, you receive more frequent on-going hearing testing,  hearing aid fine-tuning (a key component), education, gentle removal of ear wax when needed, and much more. Sounds good, but…

All this extra service costs more, right?

BA-lab-booth 003I am both happy and a bit proud to tell you that it does not. I have intentionally contained my prices, because I really want you to be able to afford my services. Over the years I have struggled with watching people postpone getting hearing assistance because of high costs. I don’t want that to happen to you or anyone you love. So after many hours of head-scratching, I came up with a different approach which offers top-notch hearing aids and services at substantially lower fees.

Given all of that, you may be wondering “Why would someone do more for less?” That is a reasonable question. Even though it might sound a bit corny or mushy, my motivation is the sheer joy of watching what happens when people begin to hear better. It’s why I chose this profession years ago. I still cannot describe the good thingsBA-lab 009 that naturally occur when you have your hearing restored. In essence, your world opens up and you become connected to what is at the heart and soul of life for all of us- relationships with other people and sharing our thoughts along with our feelings.

That opening up part is why I chose the name “Barika”. It might sound odd, but it has a beautiful meaning. It’s an arabic word that means: To blossom and be successful. In my very biased opinion, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than watching someone hear better and see their relationships “bloom”. As icing on the cake, that blossoming often leads to creating more success in relationships, both personal and professional. It is the big stuff that makes life worth living.

Give me a call if you want to be pampered.

BA-booth-lab 008I’ve taken enough of your time. Thank you for reading this far. If you think I can be of help, my contact information is near the top right corner of this page. Or if you wish, leave a comment or ask a question below. It’s fine with me if you use your first name only. I promise not to add your email address to my list, and would never share it for any purpose.